Born and raised in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, Jonathan Leever, enjoys hiking, fishing, swimming, and archery on sunny days. He is most happy when it rains and even better when it pours, when he reads books, puts together puzzles, plays guitar and talks with friends. Most importantly he loves Jesus; is planning to become a mechanic on the mission field, continue worship and youth leading, and is looking into training in biblical counseling. He is currently attending Moody Aviation in Spokane as his next step in following that calling.



Moody Aviation, trains Missionary Pilots and Mechanics in their specialized 5-year undergraduate program.

It includes a year of bible, two years of maintenance basics (Aiframe & Powerplant), and two years of advanced maintenance or flight, awarded with a bachelors degree in Mission Aviation Technology.

The program has been created and tuned to fit exactly what is needed in a mission aviation ministry overseas, down to the very instructors being veterans sent from the field to hand down their wisdom.


I am currently in my fourth year, and I am thoroughly enjoying the things I am learning, and the incredible instructors with their wealth of knowledge and care for each of the students.

If you are interested in learning more about their program and campus, their website can be found here:



Missionary aviation is a unique field of ministry that uses airplanes to spread the love and good news of Jesus in hard to reach places. The truth is, more than a third of humanity is still closed off from the rest of the world. People that have no bible in a language that they understand, let alone read, and no access to Christians where they can hear the good news. Aviation is a tool that can be used to change this startling reality.

Some of the ways that it has been making a difference is in humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, medical and emergency transport, lifeline for bible translation efforts, church planting, business as mission, supply chain and of course transportation for missionaries.

I am preparing to specialize in the maintenance and repair field of the aviation work. So, instead of flying the planes, I will make sure they are running and safe, as well as welcome and encourage the pilots and passengers. Another aspect to the mechanic role is to keep the base and surrounding area in good repair. I will most likely be the fix-it guy for most everyone in the area.

This film, Ends of the Earth, is a wonderful description and explanation of the impact and necessity for aviation in the world of God's mission. I highly recommend watching to understand better what it means to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. Watch here:

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If you are curious about why I or anyone else would be caught up in this desire to go to the most difficult places in the world, in order to share about a carpenter that died and was brought back to life so that they could have peace with God, then this may be helpful. This film is an incredible explaination of what it means to me to spread God's good news to every creature. Watch free here:

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